31. March 2016

Company history



Built on 125 years of history, SIEPMANN-WERKE GmbH und Co KG is a family-run company currently in the hands of the fourth generation. A medium-sized company operating on a global scale, SIEPMANN has some 450 employees and a turnover of around EUR 85 million, meaning it plays a key economic role in the region in and around Warstein.

Company history

The story so far:

2015 Full acquisition of SD MACHINING GmbH

2014 Fourth generation takes lead of SIEPMANN

2011 Majority shareholding in Ralf Dietzen CNC Zerspanungstechnik GmbH and renaming as SD MACHINING GmbH

2009 Automation of maxima press

2008 Commissioning of an HG 35 semi-automated forging line

2005 Capacity increase in Tool Production

2004 New ERP system, PSIpenta

2002 Commissioning of an HG 20 semi-automated forging line

2000 Electronic drawing archive 3D simulation

1996 Installation of an HG 35/2 system including PLC press control

1938 Renaming as SIEPMANN-WERKE

1891 Foundation of the company PETERS & CIE