Die forging and hot extrusion

We have been forming steel into challenging shapes for our customers for over 125 years now. To do this, we harness the power of our counter-blow hammers, which allow for maximum part weights of up to 1.6 t per forging. Our portfolio also includes hot extruded parts from the screw press. As our customer, your wish is our command when it comes to the materials on offer – as long as it’s steel that is! We forge in line with your requirements, working with everything from structural to ferritic-austenitic (duplex) steel.

Technical information

Counter-blow hammers
200 kJ to 350 kJ
Part weights up to approx.1.600 kg

Screw presses
25 MN
Hot extruded parts up to 125 kg

We offer rod or tube forging,
which can also be combined with unit welding.

Vertical integration guarantees quality

Although our strengths lie in the production of forgings in individual small and medium-sized batches, we have still automated our production processes as far as possible to ensure that we are operating cost-effectively and that we can plan ahead. Having our own Tool Production department gives us maximum flexibility to create different designs and means we can offer short turnaround times.

In most cases, our work is not done once we have produced the forging. In fact, considering that welding, processing and unit assembly are some of our other core areas, that will often just be the very first step.

Plus, it goes without saying that we can give the steel the exact material properties required by our customers for their specific applications by adding heat treatment as an extra step.