Die forging and hot extrusion

We have been forming steel into challenging shapes for our customers for over 125 years now. To do this, we harness the power of our counter-blow hammers, which allow for maximum part weights of up to 1.6 t per forging. Our portfolio also includes hot extruded parts from the screw press. As our customer, your wish is[…]

Mechanical processing

We give our forgings their finishing touches at the mechanical processing stage. To ensure we can cater to our customers’ every desire, no matter how specific their requirements become, we use state-of-the-art technology, which is kept under the watchful eye of our trained cutting machine mechanics. We may have invested huge sums in modern machinery,[…]

Welding technology

Gas metal arc weldingMIG & MAGSubmerged arc welding (SAW)Plasma arc welding (PAW)Electron beam welding (EB),including with use of robots When it comes to welding, we really are leading the field. Whether you are looking for metal active gas, metal inert gas, submerged arc, plasma arc or electron beam welding – we can provide the perfect[…]

Tool production

We have our own tool production facilities where we create the dies for forgings, so we have complete flexibility to give our customers what they need. This keeps our delivery times to a minimum and allows us to produce small and medium-sized batches cost-effectively. Plus, as tool production is an important factor in guaranteeing the[…]


We don’t just sell products – we provide solutions! This is why our Development department is incredibly important to us. Our customers know they can count on our extremely skilled development and design staff, who think outside the box and work hard to devise customer-specific solutions. This means that we can take on projects before[…]

Technical and metallurgical advice and support

Every single one of our employees is an expert in their field – from our specialist forgers and welding engineers to our designers and materials testers, right through to the cutting machine and industrial mechanics at the processing and unit assembly stages. In addition to putting their knowledge and experience to good use at the[…]

Heat treatment

Quenching and tempering +QTNormalising +NAnnealed and tempered +ATAnnealed +AIsothermal annealing +FPUntreated +U Before a forging leaves the SIEPMANN site, it will be put through a heat treatment process. At this stage, our products are given the material properties required by the customer – a crucial step in ensuring that our steel forgings have the quality[…]


At the post-processing stage, in addition to the standard heat treatment and mechanical machining, on request we can also finish the forgings by grinding, polishing or coating them. Once again, the customer’s wish is our command. If you need your forging to be checked and multi-coloured, then that is what we will deliver – we[…]